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The Biggest Threat To VR Might Be Esports

The Biggest Threat To VR Might Be Esports

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Could VR Be Axed For Faster Profits In Esports?

On this site, we focus on VR a lot, and for a good reason. The future of gaming will involve full game environment submersion at some point. We have seen VR technology grow leaps and bounds over the last ten years, primarily driven by the development of the Oculus platform. The E3 2019 expo showcased some cool looking new titles on Oculus scheduled for release. Check out the videos on some upcoming titles:

Asgard’s Wrath

Lone Echo II

Now that more VR games are beginning to have a broader appeal to the legions of gamers waiting to embrace them, the historical challenges for VR’s transition to mainstream gaming, such as the need for an external headset and a limited inventory of games, appear to be far less of an issue than in years past. However, the biggest threat to the future of VR may come from an industry that at first glance, would appear to be a close ally. Esports.

A Faster Profit Roadmap Could Make Things Murky for VR

We all heard the horror stories from video game studios about how developers are being pushed incredibly hard to create hit games in shorter development cycles. Companies are now more than ever looking to cash in on sure-fire money trains like Esports, rather than invest in the future of VR. Who needs the future anyway? Well, VR needs the future and development studios must remain on their current trajectory or things could get murky. We may begin to see VR game development begin to slow in 2020 and 2021 across the board, as studios are potentially forced to eat more of the Esports pie by gaming studio execs and number crunchers.

What makes Esports a compelling alternative to VR is rapid market growth over the last five years. Also, it can have a lower hardware barrier to entry for gamers, as many esports titles are available across platforms. Although nothing can be guaranteed, we have seen in past companies bailing on products overnight to ride another wave of popularity. As VR loyalist, this is definitely something we should all keep our eyes on the months and years ahead.

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